Thanks to Friends, Volunteers, Supporters and the Voters of Don Valley West!

Thanks to the tremendous effort of hundreds of volunteers led by a great campaign team, the voters of Don Valley West have given me the great opportunity to serve them in the House of Commons.

It is a privilege that I take very seriously. I am deeply thankful to all the voters who have entrusted me with being their voice to Canada's 40th Parliament. I am committed to working for all the people of our diverse and fascinating riding.

The mandate given to the Harper Conservative government is limited and modest. The mandate given to the Liberal Official Opposition is crystal clear. We will continue to raise the issues that are of concern to the people of Don Valley West: economic policy that helps those Canadians who need the most; environmental measures that help our planet; immigration services that help newcomers; social policy that promotes equality, inclusion and fairness; and foreign policy that honours Canada's leadership in peacekeeping and the promotion of human rights.

I will have a constituency office open shortly and am looking forward to working with all the people of Don Valley West, making a difference in our city and in our country.

Again, many thanks.